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The World´s demand for energy is constantly increasing, and the need for new and efficient concepts for renewable fuel production is of uttermost importance. At Umeå University researchers from chemistry, physics, and plant science work interdisciplinary in several large projects to solve the world´s need for a renewable energy production. With projects such as “The artificial leaf”, “MicroBioRefine” “Bio4Energy”, “Trees and Crops for the Future”, “Bioimprove”, “Solar fuels” and “MicroBioRefine” we approach the solution to a sustainable energy production in a very broad manner, from a deep fundamental understanding of the natural photosynthesis, over the design of an artificial leaf, to an environmentally sound production of fuel from biomass. A flagship for our interdisciplinary work has been the organization of the annual conference “Umeå Renewable Energy meeting” (UREM), involving world leading researchers from the broad field of renewable energy.

The Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting UREM is an annual event in Umeå since 2009. It takes place at the Chemical Biology Center (KBC) of Umeå University. The meeting is highly interdisciplinary, with speakers and attendees having backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biology and physiology. The aim is to strengthen the renewable energy related research at Umeå University and SLU that is carried out in our research strong environments. ‘Meet the speaker lunches’ are organized for students and postdocs, and three public lectures for pupils of the eighth grade will be held. The event is not open for everybody.

The conference, organized in a single-track fashion, with a number of different and complementary topical sub-sessions, has grown continuously from around 75 attendees in 2009 to more than 250 attendees in 2015. We proudly mention that the evaluations of all conferences up to date have been highly positive. In particular, the participants have appreciated the broad scope of the conference, providing a unique interdisciplinary meeting opportunity between researchers from different fields, sharing the same ultimate goal.

Each year we select a “hot theme” for the conference, while making sure that the broad scientific perspective, which has become its trademark, is maintained.