Welcome to the Umeå Renewable Energy Meeting 2017!

– Artificial photosynthesis, and solar fuel production from algae –

14-17 February 2017
Chemical Biological Centre KBC
Umeå University

UREM 2017 Poster for Download

Registration is now closed!
The final programme is now published.

Meet the Speaker lunches
Also this year, we will organize “Meet the Speaker” lunches, mainly for PhD students and Postdocs.
If you are interested in a lunch meeting with a speaker, indicate this in the registration form by signing up for topics you are interested in.

We will organize lunch meetings in smaller groups.


Organising Committee:

  • Thomas Wågberg, Department of Physics, Umeå University
  • Johannes Messinger, Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University and Department of  Chemistry, Umeå University
  • Christiane Funk, Department of Chemistry, Umeå University
  • Per Gardeström, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå University
  • Göran Samuelsson, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå University
  • Hannele Tuominen, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå University

UREM 2017 is funded by:  The Swedish Research Council (VR)